BABYLON CLUB MUKONOS awaits YOU for a crazy night…!!

Babylon Bar in Mykonos is located at the Paraportiani Waterfront, the old harbour, conveniently near the cruising area.  A stroll south along the waterfront will lead you to the Kastro area and Paraportiani Church, a cluster of white churches and some of the oldest buildings on Mykonos.



In the town’s seaside picturesque corner with seating area outside on the pier, Babylon Bar gathers every night one of the most colourful crowd of the island. With constant happenings(drag shows,dancers,theme parties) and the most uplifting music around, has become the meeting point for those who visit Mykonos,and want to have a good time!



bar-warmupHouse, Techno/techno House, Progressive house,  Trance, High-Energy,  Break Beat, Dream House, Acid House, Garage, Acid Jazz, Disco House, Happy Hardcore, Energy Alternative, Ambient


Some of the hottest events and parties taking place in Babylon Bar.  We also are accepting hosting private and corporate events from 25-250 guests. Plan your next event or party in Babylon.

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old harbour, waterfront to Paraportiani, 84600 , Mykonos , Greece


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